So…Megan Fox plays a tough-guy lady person in ROGUE. Let’s talk about it.

Rogue So...Megan Fox plays a tough-guy lady person in ROGUE. Let's talk about it.

TVC Here. I was bored and I saw a new premium rental option pop up. It was THEE Megan Fox. April O’Neil herself. I figured I’d give it a watch since it was on sort of discount or something. I figured I could risk the $5 or so. So here we go….

Plot/Overall – Megan Fox plays super aggro tough lady Samantha O’hara. She’s leading a team on an extraction that goes haywire. Apparently lions and a few other animals hate everyone and start killing people left and right. Fox and Co. go on the run from some human trafficker types and a crazy ghost ninja lion that wants to eat everyone’s faces off. There’s a Maasai villager with a grudge ( Who probably does the best acting of everyone in the film) an assortment of other semi colorful characters. The two non combatant characters….you will want to punch them in the stomach to shut them up. Seriously. I hate when they make characters like this and everyone lets them talk. Shut. Them. Up. Megan’s character is O.K. A bit milk toast and the typical tough person who’s been through “The Suck” as they say. She is competent but Very cold and that creates an issue with her team. Her acting is acceptable, but there are definitely a few points that got waaaay too wordy and she was waaay too blah. The rest of her team seems to deliver more personality than her, especially in the beginning. Joey and Elijah are pretty entertaining. That could have been the directors call though. There are moments that should be tense or scary where the team seems far calmer than they should be. There were some “interesting” choices here. One of my favorites is the villain, who’s dressed like a Boris skin from call of duty warzone. It’ll make sense when you see it. 5/10

Camera – Nothing to write home about in the shooting department. Standard solid Hollywood faire. Good lighting and steady shots. The shaky cam in the opening scene almost made me vomit, but besides that it was alright. Excellent use of the night vision ‘noculars though. Well lit, but Average. 7/10

Action – Okay. So this is what this movie is about. We are primarily talking about gun play here. The troop movement is pretty good in the beginning and deteriorates to utterly ridiculously stupid proportions about 1/3rd of the way through. There’s a chopper that gets hit with an RPG and I am not sold that under those conditions that could’ve happened. The weapon shooting in general looked legit. I also liked how they tactically resupplied from downed foes. I hate it when movies don’t do this. They end up losing comms and running low on ammo….of course and things get dicey. They split up….in unfamiliar territory…OF COURSE and it goes bad. Sometimes the action is like a slasher film. Specifically when Nala starts eating people. Some of those scenes are kind of ridiculous. A few people got stabbed. In my opinion. Not enough.

There were a few car flips and some good explosions. No stunts to really speak of that were standouts. People taking standard falls and I believe on person took a tumble out of a moving vehicle.

There was an emotional knife fight towards the end of the film, an epic duel, wreathed in fire in the middle of a battle. It made very little sense. It was super brutal but not good and dialogue was way too on the nose. Overall it’s watchable, but not for more than $2.99….6/10.

Final Scores is a 6/10. Some of the animals were Incredibly CG. Decent by Indie standards but not Hollywood standards. Watchable. Not theater worthy but ok for a redbox night. Had we gotten a stronger performance from Megan, I could’ve given it a 7. But… 6 Blades it is.

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