Knife Hand Current Projects/Funding

We are Always Creating....

Ballistic Blade is constantly creating and testing new concepts. We focus on low to mid budget action oriented fantasy, sci-fi and adventure projects. If you have an interest in any of our short film, series or feature film projects reach out to us! Some of these projects are already listed on for investment.

Cover Image Current Projects/Funding

Broken Earth Chronicles - Proof of Concept Crowdfund!

We're CURRENTLY doing crowdfunder for this proof of concept until 6/5th! Click the image above to take a look. Chronicles of A Broken Path Indiegogo! The humans have acquired a dark power that will allow them to utterly dominate all the other races. A fell coalition is sweeping over the lands. A ragtag group of fighters will either stand in its way and face down annihilation or bow in subjugation. And these warriors do not bow easily...

Swear By The Sword Cover Screen Current Projects/Funding

Swear By The Sword - Feature Film (Pre-Production)
Action-Adventure, Sci -Fi, Post Apoc

An arrogant assassin pursues his most difficult bounty ever, but quickly discovers how unfit he is for the task... (Contact for the proof of concept)

Yasuke Cover Current Projects/Funding

Yasuke - Short Film (Pre-Production)
Historical, Diversity, Action

A historical fiction based on a true story, Yasuke tells the legend of the first black Samurai. Though he finds favor in the Emperor's court, he also finds himself in the crosshairs of the Emperor's enemies. Being adored has never been so dangerous.

Painted Fury Cover Current Projects/Funding

Painted Fury - Feature Film (Pre-Production)
Action, Comedy

Gunner is a loser. Correction, he lost 5 years ago. In spectacular fashion on the world stage of tournament Paintball. When an opportunity comes along will his pride stop him from trying again or push him to lead his team once again?

Swear By The Sword Cover Screen Current Projects/Funding

Swear By The Sword - Series (Pre-Production)
Action-Adventure, Sci -Fi, Post Apoc

The World is a broken place. These groups of broken people must fight back against the horrors that plague them day and night. This includes the other survivors. Will this assassin help turns things around or just add to the chaos?