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Who is BBE?

Established in 2011, we produce media primarily for small and medium-sized companies with an eye on the budget and solutions that are highly scalable. Our social media marketing, commercial advertisement, short film, and feature film projects are the heart of our organization. Should the project require a cameraman or an editor we will get the job done. We believe that a project’s budget should never be a stumbling block to our creativity as one of Austin’s biggest action movie studios. If the problem you face involves creating a film, music video, or a commercial then Ballistic Blade Entertainment is ready and willing to be your problem solver.


For Creatives

Do you have the next award winning short? The next big adventure feature? A fast paced music video? Call us. We specialize in pushing the movement and energy of each shot. We have multiple fight choreographers on staff and action is our specialty.

For Business

Are you looking to gain more interest in your product or service? Tired of the boring talking head videos? Call us. Be it for national broadcast or snippets to market on social media, Ballistic Blade has the tools to help you create something innovative and cinematic We utilize our years in the narrative film world to add polish to boring corporate videos. Your business has a story and people want to hear it. Let us tell your story well.

For Live Events

Are you needing a wedding videographer? Is there a corporate training seminar or live music event you want to capture on video? Let us know. From behind the scenes coverage to crowded live events, Ballistic Blade is skilled at recording those special moments as they happen. Post production and live switching are also among the skills we have to bring your event to life.

Why Work with Us?


We provide an end-to-end solution by managing the entire process for you: mission planning, piloting, analyzing the data, extracting insights and delivering measurable & actionable tasks to support decision making.


Everything from Shorts, Features, Music Videos, Live Events, Weddings, Training Videos, Music Events We offer sustainable solutions with over a decade in the business.



Our passion is to help find those who will shape our culture in the years to come. We believe in hard work striving to match talent to produce products that the market will desire.


We will show people that it’s much more fun dancing outside the lines and validate those daydreams that the “REAL” world would call CRAZY that won't cost an arm or leg. Contact us for pricing details and more.

Meet the Team

Benjamin N. Redic II

Benjamin Nathaniel Redic II aka “The Violence Conductor” is a producer, writer, cinematographer, fight choreographer and Military Brat. Member of Society of American Fight Directors and Festival Director of the Austin Action Fest & Market. He is trained in capoeira, African blade and khopesh, boxing, 7 star mantis Kung fu, tae-kwan-do and others.

Jerry L. Brooks

Jerry L. Brooks aka «€eez∆eR» has been critical in the shaping of the company’s image. With over a decade working in Pro media and a project for Netflix. Now acting as 1st Assistant Director on many projects. While active duty he worked on laser targeting systems for air assault vehicles. Now his laser-like focus is on building up Ballistic Blade’s Brand and Business operations. 

Edwin Quiñones
Edwin Quiñones is an editor, camera op, fight choreographer, and Military Brat. Attends Jungle Movement Academy and is trained in lightsaber combat, fighting method, capoeira, boxing, and gymnastics. Edwin has worked extensively with for-profit and non-profit organizations in the Greater Austin Area.

Our Clients


Customer Testimonials

"The BBE team is committed to excellence. Our organization (@CatalystCollectiveATX) has worked with them for years and the videos and films they have produced for us have astronomically helped us double our reach and impact. They are customer-oriented, highly creative and genuinely enjoy helping others. Best decision we have made in years."
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Joe Elliott
Catalyst Collective
"BBE has all the tools to get the project done. They maintain stronger relationships and are constantly connecting people to new and exciting opportunities. From Industrial shoots, to short films, BBE has you covered!"
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Jeffery Johnson
Da'Shade Moonbeam
"The guys at Ballistic Blade are what you want to produce your next project. Forethought, adaptability to changing conditions and execution of your vision is what they provide."
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Chilimbwe Washington
Mocha Latte Productions
3rd generation Yip Man (Ip Man) lineage under the Moy Yat family preserving Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) kung fu and kung fu life for future generations. In affiliation with Ballistic Blade Entertainment. www.minghousevingtsun.com
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Ming House Ving Tsun

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